Monday, 2 March 2009

Thursday, 26 February 2009

rough cut info

For our opening sequence we did a clip that would be in the film. This would help us develop the film more into a thriller. By using final cut we were able to create different shots and rearrange the way it was filmed. The reason why we haven’t yet put any heading on is that we are still deciding on what names t use and in what places to put them in. We’ve decided to publish the film on October the 31st5, as this is Halloween. This seems like an appropriate day to bring out a thriller, and hopefully the scary atmosphere will make more of an impact.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Synopsis of film


Female lead victim:
Female Lead killer:

Location: Streets in Cambridge, and a dark room.

Knife Photographs
Fake blood Scrapbook

In our opening sequence, we are going to have a female lead as the killer. Within the sequence there will be flashing images of the killer torturing the victim, here she will be tied up in a chair while being in a lot of distress.

It shall begin with the victim being at a park with her friends and then their shall be flashing images of the killer watching, this will then lead onto the rest of the film where he then captures her. As this is all happening, the credits will be appearing between each flashing clip.

We will be using props to create tension and a different atmosphere between characters and clips. Each clip and credits will have fading effects this will help with creating theme. Each clip will last for a couple of seconds just so that it gives you a glance of what is going on, making the audience want to watch more.

The music will be intense to keep with the mood of the genre of film.

The opening sequence will end with the victim being tied up in distress and a close up of the victim with a tear down and then a sharp cut to the film title.

Monday, 19 January 2009


When creating our Logo we looked at many different logos, some of the logos that inspired us where, DreamWorks, New line cinema and Walt Disney. The designs and the style of these logos, help us to decide what design we would want our logo to be like.

After choosing and looking for different names we decided to call our logo for our thriller logo Shields Production. The way we connective the name to the logo is by relating the name to the way we present the logo. We decided that our logo should be a shield with two swords that cross each other. We also thought that the colours should be opposite colours on the colours wheel. Contracting colours like orange and purple that we used or bright and will make our logo stand out more. We also wanted to create the old effect; by doing this we added grape vines around the corner and had a big S, P in the top corners like the old shields used to have on them.

Some of these photos we used to create our logo. The two swords that are crossed we used to go over the shield we looked at many different types of swords to see witch on would be the best look for our logo. The grape vine and shield were put together by deciding to put the vine under the shield so that the logo looked more presentable. When finishing the logo we decided to make a upbeat tune to go with our logo.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Twelve Monkeys opening sequence

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The music plays throughout the opening sequence, using non-diegetic sound. In this case, the music is upbeat and lively, but also blended in is a mixed variety of different car sounds. This is an amplified sound that creates a special effect. Immediately is shows the film is going to have a genre of cars.

In the opening sequence, the mise en scene starts off with a close up of a zebra crossing, then slowly zooming out into a twist whilst panning. By using tracking, it makes the atmosphere that your in the setting. As this is being shown, the first credit is appearing.
The camera work uses wipes throughout by credits pushing other credits off the screen. Just before the next credits are being shown, we are told a time which then represents the time of night as the setting is darkened. The credits then continue, they are made to represent cars in traffic along the roads. The roads seem more realistic by having skid marks and spot lights beaming on the road.

Watching the first part of the opening sequence, in the first 3 minutes there were no characters introduced. By starting off with animated techniques, this creates tension in the opening sequence. The credits are shown more graphically by making them more fast moving and yellow so they stand out.

The scene then fades into a different setting which is like a kaleidoscope.This then leads into the actors names and the opening title of the film. When showing the actors names, they appear to be blurry and dissolved into the background, like a kaleidoscope would. In this scene, there are pictures shown on the kaleidoscope which are monkeys. This relates to the film title; Twelve Monkeys.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Plaanning & shooting

Planning & shooting
In our group we are planning to do a thriller. Looking at thrillers we notice to make a thriller that the basic story line is tragic eruptions. When looking at other opening sequences all of them have a similar story lines. The way that layout are shown on opening sequence changes with the tone and style of the music. When an intense and dark music is played it affects the atmosphere of the thriller. Are thriller is basic on a tragedy between two friends. A friendship that turns into evil, we decided to film the thriller at a house and set different sense.
The first sense that we decided to film was the friends having a bit of a party, getting dresses up and playing twister. After a while it falls in to the night time playing games. Another sense we did, was about the girls playing twister getting spied on by the killer, except the girls don’t know that one of them is going to get kidnapped and killed in a few hours. Another scene we did is our main opening scene, this is our torture scene. In this scene we have tie someone up and covered then in fake blood that we made are self using a recipe that we found in the internet. When we set this scene up we used a spot light to focus on the victim. We use a plan background and put black bin liners on the chair to make the scene more intense. The last shoot that we did was the getaway of the vehicle. This shoot is where the victim is taken in the car and drove into a ditch and then putting petrol on the car and burning it.
When planning the kidnapping we had to make sure that the victim was dress in a way that made her look like she had been messed about and hit and been assaulted. By using a man’s T-shirt and ripped it and put fake blood on it we were able to create the right atmosphere and style for the scene. Some of the other props we used were, the twister game, spot light, costumes, rope, fake, blood, silver tape, car, chair knifes and clothes all of these props where made to crate this opening sequence.
In our sequence we are trying to create the storyline but not actually tell the storyline or give what happening away. In our Opening sequence we are going to have a flash back effect. We are staring of with the victim getting torture then flashing back to when the victim was out with her mates.